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B2B Telemarketing Services

Telemarketing Services performed by Intelemark's team will feed your sales pipeline by finding qualified prospects that work basically as your outsourced inside sales team.

Our experience makes us excel when compared to others. By having telemarketing agents that are conscious about a brand, possess a responsiveness that is not matched in the industry and data and information that is just smarter; allow us to take on your campaigns of different complexity. With Intelemak you are sure to get consistent, qualified leads and therefore revenue opportunities when you trust us with your telemarketing services.


(866) 806-3070

Telemarketing Services has performed very successful telephone campaigns for many companies of all sizes and backgrounds. We know how important it is to get your mane out there and find highly qualified prospects. That is why Telemarketing Services can help improve your bottom line and promote your brand to the right people.

Learn why Telemarketing Services by Intelemark blows away the competition in Professionalism, Service, Reporting, Brand-Consciousness, Database Management and Pricing.


Telemarketing Services performs surveys over the telephone for many both large and small companies. Telemarketing Services can help in many ways such as help companies target areas that are in need of improvement or launch new products successfully.

Check out why we blow the competition away in Service, Reporting, Database Management Technology and Pricing.


Intelemark: The telemarketing services experts!

Intelemark is the expert in helping organizations generate new business through telemarketing services, has a proven track record of success. We have helped companies of many different sizes, backgrounds and goals achieve their executive objectives.

Intelemark is a company committed to providing businesses, both nationally and internationally, with the premiere Telemarketing Services and lead generation services available on the market. Whether a client is looking for a "C", "VP", or "Director" level appointment, Intelemark's professional telemarketing agents are poised for the task. At Intelemark, we know what works!

At Intelemark we understand that there is much more to telemarketing services than simply acquiring a list and dialing the phone.

Intelemark's Experienced Professional Telemarketing Agents

We understand that telemarketing services is an extremely effective marketing tool. That is why Intelemark deploys only professional and experienced Telemarketing Agents who are confident in engaging in a conversation with high level decision makers.

Ultimately, the members of our team are additionally highly skilled professionals in setting appointments with qualified prospects for our clients. They work the same way that a good salesperson qualifies a prospect, our professional team asks the questions that are needed to qualify the decision maker as a good prospect. This important step in the process takes place before the telemarketing services phase of the call is even discussed.

Intelemark's Performance Model

Because of the complexity of the campaigns Intelemark takes on, we understand that certain clients feel the most equitable form of compensation is based on performance. Each client's telemarketing services requirements are different. Intelemark evaluates the specific needs of each client and provides a custom quote for each telemarketing services engagement. A nominal setup fee and deposit on the first group of appointments is all that is required prior to the onset of calling.

Intelemark's Experience

Intelemark has experience in several vertical markets and serves a wide variety of clients. Some of the many industries in which we have achieved great success are:

  • Software (enterprise or ASP versions)
  • IT Services and Consultants
  • Marketing
  • Healthcare
  • Consumer Goods
  • Financial Services
  • Business Services
  • The Intelemark Advantage

Regardless of the number of appointments you require, Intelemark can develop qualified appointments, each one set to the client's specific criteria.

Remember: All Telemarketing Services companies are not alike!

Contact an Intelemark consultant to discuss the best approach for your campaign. Each telemarketing services campaign is tailored to meet both the requirements of your company and the capabilities of your sales staff.